In the ancient time right through the age of empires and in the global conflicts of our own century, Gibraltar has stood guard over the western Mediterranean, its unique position making it the focus of a continuous struggle for power.

This spectacular rock monolith, covering a land area of about six square kilometres, is situated at the southern tip of Spain overlooking the strait to Africa. It is known as the Meeting Place of Continents. Here, the sub-tropical climate is warm and welcoming throughout the year. The local people smile their welcome with friendly charm born from a blend of many cultures united in a unique community. Gibraltar’s history and environment are captivating. From its formation millions of years before and the myths surrounding its dominant presence, to the territory’s status today as a prominent tourism and business destination.


  • San Pedro / Duquesa to Gibraltar (inc 5 hours there) 1-4 people 125 € / 5-8 people 150 €
    You can stay longer then 5 hours if you want for extra 15 € per hour.

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