Cost to use = EUR 0,- (zero)
There is absolutely ZERO costs involved for you to use as your property finder and adviser in the full A-Z process of purchasing your dream home in the sun!

1. Are you buying a second hand property or a new property?
If you are buying a resale (second hand) property you have to pay a “Transfer tax”. The costs are as follows:
– 8% up to 400,000 €
– 9% From 400,001 € to 700,000 €
– 10% Over 700,001 €

b) Are you buying a new property from a builder/promoter (not second hand) you have to pay I.V.A. (Spanish V.A.T): 10%.
– 1,5% stamp duty on the purchase price is also payable

2. Notary cost
Notary costs are around €800 is payable by the buyer. Notary costs vary depending on the complexity of the title deeds and on the number of notarial pages used when producing the title deeds.

3. Land Registry fees.
The title deeds must be registered in the Land Registry. The registration costs are normally in the region of €700.

4. Lawyer / Solicitor’s fee.
The solicitor’s fee when buying property is normally between 1% and 1.5% of the purchase price, Often a minimum €3,500. has special prices for our clients with some lawyers. Please ask us……

Any questions you have, we are ready to help you to find out.

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