Bank beating international money transfers with Key Currency


 As a valued Best in Spain customer, we wanted to let you know that you could save time and money on your international money transfers by using our partner, Key Currency.

Whatever your requirements, Key Currency can help you to make international money transfers quickly, easily and securely. They are dedicated to providing excellent value and complete peace of mind. They pride themselves on the fact that they are large enough to undertake the biggest foreign currency transfers, and small enough to care about each and every customer who trusts them with their international payments.

We recommend Keycurrency to any clients trading outside the euro. They are a UK based company but have offices in Spain also.

The main advantage of using Key Currency for your transaction is that when you get paid with a draft, they can cash the draft for free. Most Spanish banks will usually charge 0.6%-1.5% for this.

Another benefit is that Key Currency hold Euro accounts in Spain. Other foreign exchange brokers hold for example UK based Euro accounts which will be costly to transfer to. You will incur no costs by utilising their accounts in Spain to transfer the proceeds of your property sale into.

If you have to transfer your Euros to a other country based Euro account then this would attract more costs from your Spanish bank, usually 0.3% - 1%. At that point you would be subject to the exchange rates of a other country bank which Key Currency can better quite easily due to their smaller margins and lower overheads.

Typically, Key Currency can save you an average of 1.5% before they even look at exchange rates which I’m sure you can appreciate is a lot of money on a property sale.

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