Here at we strive to do our best to make you feel you this service you receive is the Best in Spain.
Below are a few of our regularly used services and the details associated with them.



1. Insurance

Buildings and contents insurance is a must for property-owners in Spain. If the property will be left vacant for long periods – as many second homes are – or let to holidaymakers, owners must ensure they have adequate cover. can assist with insuring properties through an Norwegian/English speaking insurer or a local Spanish insurer. Agents can also deal with insurance claims on behalf of absent clients, for example a property flooded by a broken boiler, and helped with motor and moped insurance


2. General International Money Transfers

International money transfers: don’t let the banks cash in!

HiFX – international payments eXpertly done.

Whether you’re making regular international payments or simply need to make a one-off transfer, fluctuating exchange rates can make a big difference to the amount of currency you finally receive in your bank account.

To help you get more for your money, recommend international payments specialists HiFX to ensure you receive highly competitive, bank beating exchange rates.


3. Spanish tax report

Every property owner in Spain complete and send tax report to the relevant regional department. The Spanish laws and regulations are quite complex and often change. It really is imperative  to be up to date and well informed to fill in the tax report correctly. The tax report is only available in Spanish and can be very difficult Foreigners to understand fully. We at can organise for your tax reports to be filed by a Spanish tax expert to insure that you do not incur any costs for late payment or avoidance. For more information click here: Spanish taxreport


4. Energy Performance Certificate

Energy Performance Certificates are essential when selling a property and estate agents must ensure that the EPC score of your property is included in the property details. Similar to renting, failing to own an EPC can result in an already agreed sale becoming void, with potential for the buyer to claim compensation. In addition to this there is the chance that you and your estate agents can be heavily fined.


5. Changing locks

It is not uncommon for security conscious foreign owners to change the locks of their Spanish property. We can assist with arranging a locksmith to visit a property or purchasing replacement locks. We can also help with having security cameras or an alarm fitted, both of which non-residents typically choose to do.


6. TV, phone and internet connections


Buyers should not take it for granted that all properties are sold with telephone or ADSL broadband connections, or Internet TV. will help owners get connected and suggest suitable service providers, as should other quality agents. But here at we are able to contact the companies regarding issues, billing, upgrades and termination via our ongoing service agreements.


7. Air conditioning

The hot Spanish summers mean air conditioning is a common requirement for many foreign buyers. If a property is without it or the existing units need replacing or repairing, we have a list of reliable local firms. Buyers of property on a new development may be able to choose whether or not to have it installed. We always recommand to have a “get-ready-for-summer”-service every spring. If you have problems in the hot summer months it can be difficult to have a serviceman to help you in one or two days or maybe more. They are normally very busy in july and august. Contact for more info.


8. Furniture packs

Ordering, delivery, assembly, we can do it all so that when you arrive at your property you can be assured that your apartment is ready to be used.


9. Property improvements

Re-decorating, replacing a kitchen, re-tiling the patio or having a swimming pool put in – it’s common for new owners to have improvement plans for their Spanish property. contacts include local building firms, and they can also suggest suitable places to purchase white goods and furniture.


10. Key holding

If you are absent from your property yourself, we can hold keys for you and arrange access for any designated contractors or viewings at your request for the carrying out of works/repairs/installations etc.


11.Regular checks

For an annual fee we will arrange regular visits to your property and carry out your desired selection of routine checks. Please Contact us for the full list of optional checks that we can perform for you.


12. Maintenance Services

Cleaning, laundry, watering plants, checking supplies (water, electricity, telephone) prior to arrivals. Late flight? Supermarket closed? Let us organize welcome packs before arrival so you have the essentials at your disposal


13. Home Staging

When it comes to selling your home, home staging is a sound investment that not only helps your home sell faster, but it also increases your homes overall value. Bestinspain will make your home stand out, look better and most of all... sell faster and for more money. When you list your home for sale, it quickly becomes your home to a product that is for sale. Your home now needs to be advertised among the hundreds of competitors around you and your area.