In Benalmádena cable car you can not only enjoy your spectacular journey that will take you to the top of Monte Calamorro, they also offer hiking trails.

At the top displays with species of birds of prey are carried out daily such as hawks, eagles, owls and vultures… always flying freely in a scenery of unique beauty, against a background where the local sky and the Mediterranean are the protagonists.

The top has a set of perfectly signposted paths, with a total distance of 2,750 meters, which lead to different viewpoints, which offer a panoramic exclusive of the Costa del Sol and the opportunity to observe a wide representation of plant species typical of Mediterranean scrub with species such as the Zaharena, Jara, thyme, Lily, Mastranto, Cantuero, or Marjoram.

After the adventure in the cable-car, you will enjoy visiting this spectacular Thai temple, where you will discover more than 1,500 exotic butterflies from around the world, flying freely in a tropical paradise between waterfalls and flowers.

You will be able to observe how they are born, how they reproduce and enjoy learning many things about these wonderful insects.


  • San Pedro to Benalmádena Cable-car and Butterfly Temple,  1-4 people € / 5-8 people   €
  • Duquesa to Benalmádena Cable-car and Butterfly Temple, 1-4 people  € / 5-8 people  €

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