The joys of a holiday on the Costa del Sol, lazy mornings, relaxing on the beaches, dinner on the terrace and reading by the pool. Of course these days, no people no longer just read books on holiday and whether you want to tease your friends on Facebook with lovely sunny photos keep in touch with family or simply keep up with the things you love, then a good internet connection is vital.



The days of no-roaming charges have been long promised, however they are yet to arrive. Expensive, slow and tiny bandwidth allowances are now a thing of the past thanks to Best in Spain Wi-Fi hotspots.

Located in all the popular developments in San Pedro de Alcántara and Nueva Alcántara, our fast and reliable hotspots are just what you need to stay connected whilst on holiday…and at a low cost, saving you more money to enjoy your holiday!

Available packages include a 7 day 1GB plan starting at just 17,50 € or a 7 day 5GB plan starting at just 35 € and many more options available for longer stays, as well as new developments added regularly – contact us now and get connected immediately!

Or if you’re in the area, why not drop in and see us at the Best in Spain Property and Service Center and we’ll be pleased to help get you online.





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