Why Internet TV?

In 2014 the long-anticipated switchover of UK television channels occurred. All freeview television and radio channels switched satellites, meaning that large areas of southern Europe and especially the Costa del Sol were no longer able to access British television via satellite.

Internet Protocol Television is an established service whereby channels and programmes can be viewed on your television through a standard broadband internet connection. It is as simple as connecting a set top box from a television directly to an internet router – however, it is recommended that in order to get the most out of the service you have a fast and unlimited internet connection.

A stable internet connection of at least 3MB is the minimum requirement, with this you will be able to enjoy many features of the set top box such as ‘never miss a program’ 7-day catch up TV, programme-recording as well as all your favourite channels and sports.




The IPTV box allows you to quickly watch a huge variety of terrestrial, satellite, internet & video content on your TV, through your internet connection.

No matter whether you’re looking to watch your favourite soap, live sports, to catch up on a show you missed or to sit down to the latest movie blockbuster, it’s all available via a simple internet connection.

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