Technically and controversially a part of Marbella, San Pedro de Alcántara, located just a few kilometers west of Marbella, is thankfully very different from its brasher and brighter neighbors.

Originally founded to provide accommodation for the sugarcane plantations that once dominated industry in the area, San Pedro is still home to some of the buildings from this era and its thanks to small touches like this, that of all the places on the western Costa del Sol, San Pedro is considered to be the most “Spanish”.

Moving forward to the current day, and San Pedro, thanks to its new tunnel, its new boulevard and many other urban projects has a vibrant, up and coming air to it, whilst still maintaining its “local” charm.


New restaurants and bar such as El Rincon de Sala, part of the famous La Sala Group and Nomo, are bringing money and foreign visitors to the town.

The tunnel and its accompanying Boulevard, lined with fountains, children’s play areas, cafes as well as an auditorium and footpaths and cycle lanes, has finally united the two sides of San Pedro and brought even more attention from foreign property buyers.

So if you’re thinking about moving to the Costa del Sol, San Pedro de Alcántara and its quiet, hidden charm could be just for the place for you.

At we have a wide selection of properties to buy and to rent in all San Pedro’s most popular urbanizations, take a look at the map below to give yourself an idea of where you may want to be!


Or if you’re in the area, why not drop in and see us at the Best in Spain Property and Service Center.


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