A great deal of the queries we receive from people looking to buy a property in Spain concern the availability of the types of home comforts one is used to in the UK.

From food to healthcare, it is understandable that Brits considering a move overseas ask such questions.


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Get British food

It all began with a plea from thousands of Brits living in the US to save their Cadbury’s chocolate! American brand Hershey’s had been reproducing Cadbury chocolate at its US HQ for years, but with one cruel caveat – the recipe was altered slightly to suit American tastes.

No bother: entrepreneuring expats had been importing the original stuff for years. That is until Hershey’s brought a lawsuit banning the imports, much to howls of derision from Brits.

A storm in a chocolate teapot? Not quite. Living away from the UK allows you to appreciate some of the finer foodstuffs Brits get to enjoy on a regular basis. From creamy Cadbury’s to comforting pies, rich HP sauce and all manner of cakes, crisps, sweets and meat produce, the UK does a fine line in lip-smacking goodies that may not be great for the waistline but do wonders for the mood.

Luckily, most corners of the Costa del Sol make it relatively easy for Brits abroad to get hold of their favourite UK foods. There are a number of supermarkets specialising in importing British produce, while even the largest Spanish supermarkets along the coast will have a dedicated British aisle – meaning you never need go without.

Keep up to date with music

Living in Spain can see your cultural edges dull a little, particularly if you were a keen follower of the charts and latest pop music. Spanish radio – not to mention the local Marbella-hosted English-language shows – does an admirable job of keeping a finger on the pulse, but the best way to stay aurally relevant is to get on to Spotify.


Wait, come back, it’s all very simple really. Spotify is a free-to-install website program that allows you to listen to what you want, whenever you want, for free. Almost. A basic account means every third song or so is followed by a minute or two of annoying adverts, but it’s a small price to pay to basically have your own endless, globally connected jukebox in your home.

A premium account costs €10 per month and allows you to listen to as much music as you want for free. Premium account holders can even download their music to their phones, which means you can finally do away with that iPod or MP3 player – everything you will ever need can be stored safely and easily on your smartphone. It really is that simple.

Enjoy excellent healthcare

There is no NHS in Spain, but the equivalent service is equally easy to access, free at the point of use, and in many cases much better. So if you are a pensioner thinking of buying a property in Spain but are worried about healthcare, don’t be alarmed – you will be able to access the excellent Spanish health system quite easily provided you follow the appropriate registration procedures.

For those moving to Spain for work, the very fact that you are employed and paying into the social security system entitles you to the same free access as a Spaniard, so once again, healthcare should not feature on your list of concerns.

Socialise like a true Brit


While the Costa del Sol is the best corner of mainland Europe in which to dive straight into Brit-friendly cultural traditions, not all parts of the region are born equal. As a general rule, if you fancy Friday nights filled with Fish & Chips, pub quizzes, pints of Magners and Karaoke bars, your best bet is to search properties that are relatively close to the coast.

The further inland you go, the more traditionally Spanish things become. Which is great, but if you think you will require a decent balance between bodega and boozer, tapas and chips or vino and ale, then stick close to the urbanisations and residential complexes of the main resorts.