Family travel is an exciting adventure for adults and children that creates lasting memories.

Traveling to the Mexican Caribbean with kids is a unique experience where the soft white sands become playgrounds for building castles, crystal sea is full of colorful fish, giant turtles, dolphins and undiscovered treasures, underground rivers and jungles are full of adventures to explore and encounters with legends and temples create unforgettable experiences, sure to invite you to return.

For a trip to the Caribbean, unlike other destinations, choosing the hotel is paramount, since most are characterized by all-inclusive resorts designed for fun to focus on the hotel, the beach and the nearby places. Definitely, the hotel makes a difference in the Caribbean destination. Therefore, when organizing a family trip, it is essential to take into account the activities offered by the resort for children. BlueBay Hotels & Resorts has two resorts in the Mexican Caribbean, specialized in offering not just entertainment for all family members, but a wide range of activities designed for children, according to their age.

The desire of parents is to have fun with their children, be close to them and live unforgettable adventures. In addition, holidays are for relax and for setting aside the rules that you should normally follow, skipping most of the strict norms of the year, and most of all, have a great time in a wonderful destination. The Mexican Caribbean offers a magical place with unique activities, such as learning about the world of turtles, swimming with dolphins, snorkeling in coral reefs, ecological adventure parks with underground rivers to discover, like Xcaret and Xel Ha, plus the added value of the country’s culture with the Mayan legacy of Chichen Itza and Tulum and endless multi-adventure suitable for the whole family.



With a children’s club and children’s pool. The club is divided into three age groups to ensure fun and safety to all, with specialized instructors, supervised children’s activities (for children of 2-12 years), video games, sports activities and a mini bar.


With a Kids Club with supervised activities. Located in the mangroves of the Nichupé lagoon, an ideal place for lovers of nature and animals, because each year turtles choose this place to nest and lay eggs, the hotel prepares related activities, like planting eggs in a sort of a farmhouse to protect livestock from predators like pelicans. This project has earned the Bellevue Beach Paradise the Zofemat prize (Federal Maritime and Terrestrial Zone) for preserving biodiversity.

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