Rising unexpectedly from the centre of Estepona with its stunning glass dome, is the newly opened Orquidario de Estepona, or Orchid House. One of the largest such collections of Orchids in the world, this botanical park offer a cooling and beautiful escape from the bustling town around it. best-in-spain-orquidario-de-estepona It’s modern and clean structure, with 3 glass domes, contains over 200m2 of vertical gardens and over 4,000 species of Orchids. best-in-spain-orquid-house-estepona Divided over two levels, with a bamboo forest separating them, highlights include ‘Cananga Orodata’, also known as Ylang-Ylang, an orchid famous for its essential oils used in high-end perfumes by Dior and Chanel amongst others. Also the ‘Bixa Orellana’, originally from Peru its fruit pigments are extracted for manufacturing lipsticks. best-in-spain-orquids-estepona Another feature is the three 17m high waterfalls which provide mist and a cooling breeze to the plants…and anyone who dares to cross the bridge next to it! A wonderful project, constructed in just 6 months, adds another great attraction to Estepona. A town that seems to have eschewed the traditional Costa del Sol activities and is re-inventing itself as a tourist attraction with something different to offer. Free to enter, be sure to save an hour on your next visit to Estepona to visit this wonderful attraction. To find out more about Estepona and to view properties for sale and to rent, contact Best in Spain today.

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