For as long as many of us can remember Marbella was always a popular holiday destination, although in the earlier years it was renowned for being the Mediterranean playground for the rich and famous. It still remains just as popular with holiday makers, but the demographic has expanded quite substantially, and with it so has the type of accommodation on offer. Whether backpackers or students are looking for great quality hostels at the lower end of the budget, families seeking something right on the beachfront or the wealthier sun worshipers looking for a luxury hotel, Marbella can now cater for them all.

The hotel and hospitality industry are taken very seriously in Andalucia, especially as tourism in general makes up a huge 13% of the provinces economy, with some of the highest figures being recorded in 2016 and 2017. With such demand comes new opportunities for hotels and restaurants, but it is the hotel industry that is driving forward with new premises opening up over the next few years.

The famous upmarket restaurant group Nobu opened their boutique hotel at the luxury Puente Romano resort back in March to sit alongside the restaurant they opened last year. W hotels are looking to open a hotel in Marbella by 2021, which will be located on the Playa Real de Zaragoza and Club Med have just announced that they will be taking over the Don Miguel hotel which has been vacant for many years.

In addition to these new offerings, some of the existing hotels have had major revamps. The Amaré is a rebrand and refurb of the former Fuerte Hotel and down in Estepona the Bahia Kempinski has undergone a major refurbishment with a new restaurant and beach club as part of the new set-up.

Some smaller boutique hotels are also appearing on the scene with occupancy already in high demand like the Paloma Blanca is San Pedro for example.

All of this new accommodation, the new restaurants and the increase in tourism is great news for the local economy. It also means that as more people filter through Marbella, the property market benefits from new people that decide to purchase holiday homes.

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