How to complete a Spanish Tax report

How to complete a Spanish Tax report  

Every owner of a property in Spain must every year prepare a Spanish tax report and present to the Spanish authorities.
We at have a service for our customers and we are using a special tax-specialist to do this service. There are often changes in the Spanish laws regarding taxes and you really have to be updated to do everything correct. And everything is in Spanish, not easy for non Spanish speakers. It is even difficult for many Spanish people who also opt to use a tax-specialist.

The owners of properties in Spain have to prepare their first tax report the year after they bought the property and became the official owner. For example if the property was bought in year 2016, the Spanish tax report has to be prepared and presented the following year (e.g. 2017), before 31st of December.

What kind of documentation do you need to prepare and send by email to

  1. First time/year you are preparing the Spanish tax report

    a. Title deed (Spanish “Escritura”)
    When you bought the property you normally receive an email from your lawyer with a copy of the “Escritura”. This document in Spanish is often around 50 pages or more.


  1. A copy of the passport of all the owners
  2. A copy of the NIE-number document of all the owners
  3. A copy of a bank statement showing name of the account holder and the account number
  4. A copy of the receipt of payment of the IBI (taxes to the local town hall)


  1. The next years you are preparing the Spanish tax report

The next years it is really easy regarding documents to send by email to The only document we need to receive is:

  1. Copy of the receipt of payment of the IBI (taxes to the local town hall)


Cost of using the Spanish Tax report service from

We are using a Spanish tax specialist to do the tax reports for our customers. They are doing everything regarding the tax report including also preparing and paying the taxes on behalf of the customers of Before the payment every costumer will receive an email showing an overview of the taxes to pay and the fees to him.
The fees (cost) to use the service from are as follows:

  • The property has 1 owner, we prepare 1 tax report. Fees/cost are EUR 100,-
  • The property has 2 owners, we prepare 2 tax reports. Fees are EUR 150,-
  • The property has 3 owners, we prepare 3 tax reports. Fees are EUR 200,-
  • The property has 4 owners, we prepare 4 tax reports. Fees are EUR 250,-

Many lawyers do also have the service making Spanish Tax report and we have seen prices for doing this around two times or more the fees/cost from (EUR 175 for 1 tax report, EUR 300 for 2 tax reports and EUR 400 for 3 tax reports)


More questions about Spanish tax reports?

You find the most asked questions with answers here: Frequently asked questions for Spanish tax report

If you do not find the answers you can send an email to: [email protected]